Theodorakis - Chronology (IX)

 Music and Politics 1974-1988

 by Guy Wagner and Asteris Koutoulas

 Based on Ole Wahl Olsen

 Structure and pictures: Guy Wagner




 His parents haven't seen him for 7 years

Theodorakis flies back to Greece and is given a hero's welcome in Athens.

01.08. Greece restores 1952 constitution.

First concerts in Greece since 1967

10.10. First concert of Theodorakis in Greece after seven years.

08.11. Elections for a new parliament: Karamanlis gets the absolute majority. Theodorakis,who called for support for Karamanlis against a new dictatorship (»It's Karamanlis or the tanks«), is defeated.

08.12. Referendum: Greece votes to abolish monarchy and  leaves the military organisation of NATO.



Spring: Theodorakis starts a great concert tour in Greece.

 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "trial of the greek junta"Trial of the Junta bosses

August-December: Trial of the authors of the coup d'Etat in 1967. The heads of the junta are sentenced to death. Odysseus Angelis commits suicide in jail.


All seem forgotten: Theodorakis is victim of numerous attacks. But his own inverventions are also very harsh.



Long concert tour in Europe by Theodorakis and his singers.

Summer: Theodorakis rallies to Euro-socialism and organises a symposium in Crete on: »Socialism and Culture«.
Theodorakis conducts »Axion Esti«

August: A Theodorakis Festival at the Lycabettos Hill in Athens presents all the composer's great works from 1960 to 1977. Premiere of »Margarita« and »Ta Lyrica«.

10.11. Parliamentary Elections. Andreas Papandreou's PASOK and KKE (Exterior Communist Party) are successful.




Theodorakis suggests that the whole left rallies around KKE.

 Candidate for Athens

15.10. Theodorakis is independent candidate for KKE at the municipal elections in Athens. His score is 16 %.


Odysseas Elytiswins the Nobel Prize for Literature. »Axion Esti « is hailed, and Theodorakis tours with the work.


Theodorakis publishes a declaration of solidarity with the French Communist Party. He ends his relations with Euro-socialism.

Karamanlis is elected President of the Republic.

October: Theodorakis leaves Greece for voluntary exile in Paris, furious about a slanderous campaign against him.


01.01. Greece becomes the 10th Member State of the European Community.

January: Theodorakis finishes »Canto General« (13 parts), and his 2nd and 3rd Symphonies.

End of March: The complete »Canto General« receives its first performance in East-Berlin.

 Spring: Concert tour with »Canto General«

May: François Mitterrand, the new President of France, invites Theodorakis to the ceremony of investiture.

Summer: »Canto General« is performed in Latin America (Cuba, Nicaragua) with thousands of singers.
Résultat de recherche d'images pour "melina mercouri"A triumph for Melina Mercouri

18.10. PASOK wins the elections. Melina Mercouri and Theodorakis are elected. Melina Mercouri becomes Minister of Culture.


05.02. First performance of the Concerto pour piano (1958) and the Second Symphony in the »Palast der Republik« in East Berlin. Soloist: Cyprien Katsaris.

29.04. First performance of the Third Symphony at the »Komische Oper« in East Berlin. Theodorakis, suffering from of old wounds inflicted in Makronissos, is confined to a wheel chair.

 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Theodorakis Katsaris"Theodorakis with Cyprien Katsaris in Echternach

09.07. Mikis Theodorakis conducts the Piano Concerto and the Second Symphony at the Festival International Echternach Luxembourg.

 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Theodorakis Katsaris"Theodorakis at the »Gewandhaus«

16.10. First performance of »Axion Esti« in German at the »Gewandhaus« in Leipzig.



23.02. First performance of the »Passion of the Sadduceans« at the »Metropol-Theater«, East Berlin; conductor: Hans-Peter Frank.

Theodorakis is awarded the Lenin Prize for Peace 1983.

Maurice Béjart: »Seven Greek Dances«

April: »Thalassa Mare Nostrum« and »Seven Greek Dances«, two ballets by Maurice Béjart, include songs by Theodorakis.

21.05. First performance of the »Liturgy No.2« by the Dresdner Kreuzchor, conducted by Martin Flämig.



 Résultat de recherche d'images pour "theodorakis ritsos"Mikis Theodorakis and Yannis Ritsos in Dresden

19.05. First performance of the Seventh Symphony (»Spring Symphony«) during the Music Festival of Dresden. Yannis Ritsos and Mikis Theodorakis attend the performance.



29.03. Christos Sartzetakis, the »little judge« who sentenced the murderers of Lambrakis to jail, becomes the new President of the Hellenic Republic.

 02.06. Parliamentary elections. PASOK keeps the absolute majority.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "kitaenko conducts"Dmitri Kitaenko conducts Theodorakis

 29.07. 60th birthday of the composer. In Eleusis, Dmitri Kitaenko conducts his Spring Symphony.


Theodorakis distances himself from KKE.


With Turkish composer and singer Zülfü Livaneli, Theodorakis initiates the Greek-Turkish Friendship Association and publishes the first volume of his autobiography: »The Ways of the Archangel«.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "loukas karytinos"Loukas Karytinos conducts Theodorakis

03.05. First performance of the Fourth Symphony, »Choral Odes«, in Athens. Loukas Karytinos conducts.


30.01. First Summit meeting since 1978 between a Greek and a Turkish Prime Minister. Andreas Papandreou and Turgut Özal shake hands in Davos. Theodorakis has negotiated this encounter.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Vassiliev as zorba"After a glorious performance

06.08. First performance of the ballet »Zorba il Greco«, in the Arena of Verona. Choreography by Lorca Massine, Mikis Theodorakis conducting, Vladimir Vassiliev dancing Zorba: The ballet is a tremendous success. Since the premiere, it has become the greatest sucess in ballet of the last fifty years.

 07.11. The banker Yorgos Koskotas causes an enormous financial and political scandal. He flees and makes revelations, which centre on the government and especially the Greek Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou.


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