Mikis Theodorakis meeting Panagiotis Lafazanis

Athens, 25/08/2015


Dear Panagiotis,

At the meeting you asked for a few days ago, you agreed with me that the current Parliament is, in reality, the foremost instrument in the service of Memorandum politics, whose only purpose is to pass laws serving its ends, under the cover of democracy.

Because the existence of a permanent minority (KKE - SYRIZA) served as an alibi for the systemic holders of power and for foreign powers. Especially for foreign powers. In the past you all believed, you who were members of SYRIZA under Alexis Tsipras, that after gaining a parliamentary majority and forming a government, you would succeed in striking at the heart of the system and transforming a pro-Memorandum Parliament into an anti-Memorandum Parliament.

What really happened?

All SYRIZA succeeded in doing was to reinforce the pro-Memorandum front. By which I mean it became a pro-Memorandum force itself, alongside New Democracy and the new party POTAMI.

That confirms the idea that you cannot attack the system from the inside the system, since you become “system” yourself. This means that if you take part in the elections you will be attempting, naturally, to become part of the sinning house. In which case, you will have two possibilities before you: either you will be in opposition, and function as an alibi for the anti-people decisions of the foreign powers; or, if you are in government, you will live the same fate as the current pro-memorandum SYRIZA. Since the power of the system is a catalyst. With one exception: the Greek people, standing together, united. It is shameful that the popular forces who vote for you will suffer the same fate as the supporters of SYRIZA who, whether they like it or not, will be voting for the Memorandums. Meaning for the catastrophic measures of the Third Memorandum which risk proving fatal for the future of the country and our people. That is the destructive effect of the third Protocol which may prove fatal for the future of the country and our people.

As a former comrade and as your friend, I ask you, together with the supporters of the new party, to join us on the ramparts of the Popular Front which today upholds the dignity of our people. And tomorrow, emancipated, it will be the only force able to deliver our country once and for all and offer our people freedom, independence and self respect.

With my fraternal greetings,

Mikis Theodorakis

 In his answer, Mr Lafazanis writes that the presence of his "Popular Union" in Parliament is not incompatible with its presence in the Popular Front. "I will not become Tsipras", he writes.

See letter in Greek:

Answer by Mr Lafazanis: http://theodorakism.blogspot.com/2015/08/a_26.html#more

English translation: Ariel Parker