Athens' Megaron Musiki is celebrating the 90 years of Mikis Theodorakis on July 29, the day of his birthday, with an event: a tribute to songs that united thousands of people from one end to the other of Greece and to all corners of the world.

Mikis Theodorakis will attend the concert in the Palace Garden to celebrate together with the audience his 90th birthday.


Eleni Vitali, Zacharias Karounis, Betty Harlafti
The "Mikis Theodorakis" Popular Orchestra.

 The songs of Mikis, who established the modern Greek culture, are going on to touch peoples in the whole wide world and print their indelible mark on our collective conscience.

 Tickets: 19 € - 12 €

Reservations: Tel. 210 7282333


For the presentation of “First Symphony” and “Axion Esti”at Irodion

I would like to thank Athens Festival and the State Orchestra of Athens for their decision to present in Herodion theater my works “First Symphony” and “Axion Esti”. Furthermore I would like to thank all the capable participants, who I am sure with their talent and personalities will perform my plays in the best way.

I have to confess, that I feel uncomfortable, that my music is going to be heard in an era which is dominated by the huge pain of old people, who are draining away in the lines for a plate of food. This is a great shame, especially for me: I carry the same years in my shoulders, but I have at the same time the privilege to enjoy the great pleasure of a man of Art, whose work is displayed in a historical place, in front of a huge audience.

The only thing that consoles me, is the symbolism from the coexistence inside the same people of pain and hope, but also the certainty that someday pain will vanish and hope will rise and become a reality.

Besides let us not forget, that I composed my work “First Symphony” in circumstances of the greatest pain that a man can suffer, in order to prove that hope always triumphs, when somebody has inside him true Faith in Humanity and in Life.

Thank you all.

Athens, 10.7.2014

Mikis Theodorakis

The concert will be performed Tuesday 14 July by Giorgos Dalaras, de Dimitri Platania, d'Αkis Sakelariou, Athens State Orchestra, The City of Athens Choir, National Technical University's Choir, Melodoi Choir, Loukas Karitinos, conductor

Irodion: Handicapped Theodorakis gets out of his car (14 July) "For many years, however, more the last five years, we live  the complete failure of the whole of our political world , which has led the country to the brink of a national test, one step before a disaster of historic proportions.
Recently we experienced  the effort of some foreign powers  (regardless of whatever our responsibilities)  to design methodically destroying our country  in every respect, national, historical, cultural, social and converting the people to our people slaves, who would beg for a piece of bread.
They saw trying to fully control the country's power system and make it an instrument for the implementation of their plan in all areas of our national life with special emphasis on the weapon of the economy, to dismantle the Greek society in all areas: labor, education, growth, trade, production, culture.

We saw to try to completely control the critical areas of international relations and of our national defense.
They saw the Memoranda and Loan Agreements to exclude any relationship with a country other than their own, to have such exclusivity in full control of our country and also to assert our common wealth, ports, airports, the major roads, solar energy, water, public buildings, our historical monuments, as well as control of education and culture.

And then we saw our governments to sign agreements and texts such characteristics maintained and Professor  C. Kasimatis  could not be signed "either with the gun on his temple."


 Bildergebnis für recycling medea

Music by Mikis Theodorakis

Choreography by Renato Zanella

Directed by Asteris Kutulas

The Los Angeles Greek Film Festival will host a screening of our hybrid opera-ballet-documentary-fiction-political-essay film RECYCLING MEDEA (2014) based on the music of legendary Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis.
EPYPTIAN THEATER (Spielberg Theatre)
6712 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90028, (323) 461-2020 
Thursday, June 4th, 7:30pm
After the screening will follow a Q&A session with the film director Asteris Kutulas (Berlin).

On 24 February 2015, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras went to see Mikis Theodorakis at his home: a good visit, if one sees the pictures and videos.

They had also a good talk...

Alexis Tsipras: Good morning, are you okay? You're a warrior ...
Mikis Theodorakis: More than others.
Alexis Tsipras: ... and as you know, old warriors in battle need strategy and mind.
Mikis Theodorakis: Of course.
Alexis Tsipras: We should not fall into the opponents' trap, you have to make maneuvers in the middle. The most important ammunition we have is the broad national popular unity, which I did not expect.
Mikis Theodorakis: First of all, there is a government of the Left, with the Parliament ...
Alexis Tsipras: ... and with great popular support.
Mikis Theodorakis: ... with a great international legitimacy, no one can say anything else. You are the Prime Minister of the country and express the will of the Greek people: one can not argue with that. This revolutionized the world, because the world is feeling, it realizes that we are very close to the solution. And what I said yesterday 'Have the strength to say no to the nein of Schäuble ... we will discuss it. It is more feasible than ever, we are too close.
Alexis Tsipras: This needs a good strategy, we'll say in detail...



Mikis Theodorakis stood on the side of the historic member of the Greek Left and SYRIZA MEP Manolis Glezos who yesterday publicly apologized to the Greek people for contributing to an “illusion,” as he characterized the government’s negotiations with the country’s loan partners, from which many expected that Greece will have more gains. Today, it was Theodorakis’ turn to publicly give his advise to newly elected Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, motivating him to say a proud “No” to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble’s “Nein.”

Theodorakis waded in, appealing to the government, even at this late hour, to resist the pressure for concessions that would, as he claimed, plunge the country into the creditors’ “fatal embrace.” “There is hope. And that is for the SYRIZA leaders to find the strength to say, even now, ‘No’ to Schäuble’s ‘Nein’.”

The 89-year-old renowned composer prompted the Greek Premier “to abolish all Memorandum-related measures and restore the Greeks’ national independence.” In a statement published in his personal website, Theodorakis urged SYRIZA’s leadership to oppose the European Union and stand up to them as well as barricade themselves within the national legality offered to them by the parliamentary majority they achieved just a month ago in the January 25 elections.

Additionally, he advised the government to take a decisive turn toward the Greek people’s side and the country’s wealth and resources. “Safeguarded behind the true power of united people, they should form consortiums and utilize the full potential of our national resources, in exchange for beneficial business deals that would once and for all relieve us from our creditors’ deadly clasp,” Theodorakis suggested.

By: Aggelos Skordas

Aggelos Skordas


Aggelos Skordas

Mikis Theodorakis, with a text he uploaded on his personal website, gives his opinion on the latest political developments in Greece, in which the epicenter is the meeting between the Greek Finance Minister, Giannis Varoufakis, and the Eurogroup President, Jeroen Dijsselbloem. - See more at:

The Eurogroup and its Dutch President are images that torture me. I have been through so much, simply because by Fate I was born Greek, and as a Greek I should not only endure the whims of those who are powerful, but to lower my head and even learn to love them! But I could never bring myself to like that Dutchman with glasses.

And so he arrived like an arrogant boss, to scold a nation worthy of laughter and tears, a nation that held its head high forgetting they are the second-class citizens of Europe, the Eurogroup and its President, Mr. Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

But then a miracle happened, like those forgotten in the depths of my memory. Two representatives of these second-class people, Tsipras and Varoufakis, with a rare calm and coolness, presented him with two luminous yet kind “NOs” that angered him to the point of forgetting his role as a “European nobleman” — prompting him to storm away looking for the fastest exit.

It is at this point that all is forgotten. We once again become beautiful Greeks. We stand taller. How and why it happened, and where it will lead are details for the Greeks who have lived and survived with symbolism. And I consider it cowardly to focus on trivialities in a moment of national pride.

- See more at:

I congratulate SYRIZA for its splendid victory in the elections.

Often in the past we have fought together with SYRIZA to achieve the goals of national independence and sovereignty, for the liberation of the Greek people from foreign domination and for their rights. For this reason, the high percentage of votes cast for SYRIZA is for me a very positive sign.

At the same time, I would like to emphasize that even if the new Parliament and the new government are products of the existing system, they really originate in the objectives of the Anti-Memorandum parties.

That means that we now find ourselves at the outset of a difficult journey: the point where the programmes and promises have to be transformed into deeds and results.

We must not forget that a majority of the Greek people are expecting to see a complete transformation of the system, in accordance with the express promises and election pledges made by SYRIZA in particular, but also by AN.EL (Independent Greeks), which provide for an end to the Memoranda, an end to Troika-Politics, as well as the intolerable pressures from outside. That is the main reason why SYRIZA was able to unite so many voters within its ranks against the politics of the Memoranda-Parties, which have held power since 2010.

The results of yesterday’s vote show quite clearly that a large majority of our people no longer accept our country’s dependence on foreign powers. They want their national independence, which for us, the SPITHA Movement, is the highest and essential objective.

We were always convinced that this vast majority existed within our people, rejecting dependence on foreign powers and desiring national independence. It was for this reason we founded the EL.LA.DA Movement, in the hope that this majority could join together in a vast movement, serving the good of our people and our country, that would be in a position to stand up against the existing system (a mixture of domestic and foreign forces), to free our land from all foreign regulation and restore its national independence.

I remain loyal to this vision. But that does not mean I will not welcome and support every initiative of the new government, should it really summon up the courage to take on the enemies of our people. I will also support every effort by the new government that serves to put an end to all the injustices existing in our country and aims to free it from the vice-like grip of the Memoranda.

The necessary realism and our love of the people oblige us to take an active part in these struggles; and to overcome our bitterness – with regard to the splintering of our popular front into party groups, independent from and often hostile to each other – in order not to turn into mere passive observers. 

Furthermore, all of us who belong to the extra-parliamentary Spitha-Network EL.LA.DA, we are prepared to muster all our forces, to take up every challenge that brings us closer to our goal of achieving our national independence.


Athens, 26.1.2014
Mikis Theodorakis


English translation: Ariel Wagner-Parker

I am now as ever against the “Memorandum Policy”. This means I am strictly opposed to an election which is solely about choosing the best possible administrator to put into practice the conditions of the "Memorandum".

To all those who ask me what my position is regarding the upcoming elections – in particular with regard to SYRIZA – I would give the following answer: I am ready to support the SYRIZA Party – however only on condition that before the election, the Party makes the solemn commitment that, should it be called upon to form a government, its first act will be to put before Parliament a bill delivering our country once and for all from the terrible conditions of the "Memorandum".

For it would be unacceptable to me that a left-wing party should govern under the dictate of conditions which mean renouncing our national independence and sovereignty, in other words, living under the domination of foreign powers.

Athens, 6 January 2015

Mikis Theodorakis

English translation: Ariel Wagner-Parker


Dear Mikis,

Today is the 89th anniversary of your birth.

You leave behind you a difficult year.

We hope the forthcoming year of your life will be just fine.

So that we can celebrate with joy on 29 July 2015 you 90th birthday.

All best wishes from all your friends